How to Kneeboard

Manuel Jackson asked:

Before we get started with the tricks, it's important to prevent injuries. Kneeboarding places a lot of stress on the knees, that's why injury prevention is a must. As a beginner I recommend you start with the thicker plastic boards instead of the thinner compression boards. Also don't forget to wear a live jacket, it might not look as cool as without, but it's hard to swim with a board strapped to your knees.

First you must learn a deepwater start of course. There are several ways to start, but let me show you the easiest one. Put the strap in a loose position in front of the kneeboard, then lie down on your belly on the kneeboard and grab the board with a palms-down grip. Then tell the driver to speed up slowly. While speeding up, slowly move into the padded knee wells and then move to the normal kneeling position. Then let go of the handle with one hand and pull the strap over your knees.

Congratulations, you just did your first deepwater start.

Now let us explore some of the easier tricks to learn. Even though they are beginner tricks, they look very cool.

The side slide is one of them, you grab the board the same way as in the deepwater start. Then rotate the board in the direction you wish, lean on the side and let go of the handle with one hand. This trick is very easy and you should get it after trying a few times.

Not exactly as easy as the previous trick, the front-to-front 360 is still one of the easier tricks to learn. You start by beginning to rotate your body, immediately let one hand go and reach around your back. Then you switch the handle from one hand to another. When you are close to finishing the turn, grab the handle with both hands again. When you land, move your weight slightly backwards, that helps keeping your balance.

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