Kneeboard Tricks

When it was first introduced, kneeboarding itself was some sort of trick until people started doing it more and more, and now they have come up with a huge amount of kneeboard tricks. Like with skateboarding and bicycling, the time for kneeboard tricks arrived and it still happening today.

There are kneeboard tricks from the easiest to the hardest. The tricks you can perform tell others if you are a beginner or a veteran kneeboarder. Before going further with explanations about these tricks, the first thing to remember is to keep your grip very, very tight - as tight as you can - while doing any tricks.

The most basic trick of them all, but still hard if you look at it, is called the belly start. As the name suggests, you start with your belly being laid flat on the kneeboard. Unfortunately that’s the only easy part of this basic trick, as after that it gets much more complicated. From lying flat on your stomach on your kneeboard, you have to change to a squatting position while still not losing your grip on your rope - and you have to do it at the time you start being pulled and the nose of your kneeboard has to be above water. You have to be fast at switching from lying on your stomach to squatting, and the squat has to be done so that you put your knees inside the knee pads of your kneeboard. Hang on - it’s almost over once you have managed to place knees inside the knee pads.  You also have to make sure that you are leaning backwards and that your weight is properly distributed.

As you can see the basic trick is really not so basic, but when you look at the advanced tricks, you’ll understand that this basic one is a piece of cake compared to the advanced ones. The advanced ones include spinning and doing all sorts of crazy stunts. Some will get you slightly beneath the water, while others will have you slightly above water, but always keep in mind not to delay your kneeboarding fun by falling in the water. Grab those ropes as tight as you can.

As with everything else in life, be it physical activity or mental activity, both things have something in common and that is to keep practicing. If you fall into the water, swim to the shore, take a deep breath and get back on your kneeboard with the more determination that you will accomplish the desired trick this time around, even if it is your hundredth time. Just keep trying, if you are truly interested in doing all sorts of crazy fun tricks with your kneeboard, you can’t give up, there’s no quitting. The only reason to give it all up, to quit and to go home is if you aren’t serious about it and if you aren’t really interested in kneeboarding. If you truly want to achieve something, no matter how impossible it may seem, as long as you really want it and as long as you give it everything you have, you will succeed.