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so i kind of taught myself to knee board. My mom was trying to explain to me how to do it, but she's never done it before. and the way she was explaining it to my aunt and uncle, they couldn't immagine anyone actually pulling themselves up on the board while it was moving. I did manage to pul myself up, and get the strap on and everything, but i got pretty beat up. bruises completely covering my knees and elbows, and some on my shins, and thumb. I was just wondering if this is really how the knee board was meant to be used, or if i just did it the hard way the last few times i've gotten up? I'll gladly take any pointers you have to give.

Wild Bird Seed

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  1. Mily Way Weave

    when I go kneeboarding, if I can, I like to try to start out by where there is sand. that way it’s easier to get your initial balance. also, being sore comes with it…
    trust me…I went way too long one day and couldn’t even pick up a glass without wincing.

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