Kneeboarding Tricks?

bjhballer1415 asked:

im doin pretty good on my kneeboard so far but i need some tricks to learn. i cant think of any and there are none on the internet. please submit some with instructions on how to do them. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

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  1. Home Workout DVD

    well obv riding backwards is str8 and real easy u just lean to the side u feel and then let go with one hand to do a 180 then grab with ur other hand while both behind ur back i mean u dont even need instructions the other would be a 360 same thing but u switch hands behind ur back till u fully complete a 360 one cool thing to do it to start on ur knees and eventually stand up completly as if u were on like a wake skate

  2. Bicycle Locks

    There are lots of tricks you can do with a wake board. Assuming you are strapped in the standing up that was mentioned before would be difficult and is generally unsafe but here are a bunch of others.

    Wake jumpung (gives you a general comfort riding the board and prepares you for airborne tricks)
    side slides, 180’s and 360’s (and more)
    barrel roll (sideways flip over the wake)
    air 180 (jumping the wake and doing a 180 in the air)
    air 360 (jumping the wake and doing a 360 in the air)
    I’m sure there are more but this should keep you busy for the season.

    For more details on these feel free to email me

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