Kneeboarding Question?

Madi.Gabriel n Julian new bros:) asked:

Should i try and get my 4 year old twin sisters up on a kneeboard???

And also what are some beginner tricks and stunts??

thanks =]

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  1. I would definitely try it, they may be a little young. Try beach-starting them, it’s a great way to learn.

  2. Ruby Earrings

    yea they might be too young. When they wipe out,it might hurt more for them…

    But a few more years and you could probably get them up there.

    getting up is the most difficult thing. Once you accomplish that then its good. you can do a few 180’s and 360’s. those are some beginner tricks that are pretty easy to do.

  3. Augusta Dance

    Last summer, we got my two-year old sister on the kneeboard. She was light enough to start on her knees instead of having to pull herself up, maybe you could try that.

  4. Augusta Yard Sales

    If you do it try starting them only when it is really smooth because you bounce around a ton on knee boards when its wavy.
    And my brother and I always do this one move where all you do is spin around in a full circle like a 360. It is sooooo easy

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