How to get air on a kneeboard?

take it easy asked:

Do you need a raised rope? Plus I go kneeboarding on the beach so it's not the flattest water. I have no lakes around me since I live on Long Island. I have a Waverunner so I obviously can't use a raised rope.


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  1. Inlcine Bench Workout

    Okay, i also ski off a beach and a river, and needing a raised rope has nothing to do with it (although it helps)

    The most important thing is to cut as far as you can out from the wake, then cut VERY hard towards the wake, as you hit the wake you need to pull your knees up to your chest and if you get the timing right and a big enough cut, you should pull of some fair air.

    With a waverunner its gonna be harder because you dont start with a huge wake, which means your cut is going to make or break your jump

    You wont pull it off straight away, but with some practise, youll be getting good air in no time

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