Pain in my legs when in a kneeboarding position?

newguitarman asked:

WHy do my legs hurt when Im in a kneeboarding position? I havent been since last year and it didnt put any strain on my legs. It feels kinda tight from above my knee all the way to my ankles. Why does it hurt and how can i stretch to make it not hurt?

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rands asked:

so i kind of taught myself to knee board. My mom was trying to explain to me how to do it, but she's never done it before. and the way she was explaining it to my aunt and uncle, they couldn't immagine anyone actually pulling themselves up on the board while it was moving. I did manage to pul myself up, and get the strap on and everything, but i got pretty beat up. bruises completely covering my knees and elbows, and some on my shins, and thumb. I was just wondering if this is really how the knee board was meant to be used, or if i just did it the hard way the last few times i've gotten up? I'll gladly take any pointers you have to give.

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How to get air on a kneeboard?

take it easy asked:

Do you need a raised rope? Plus I go kneeboarding on the beach so it's not the flattest water. I have no lakes around me since I live on Long Island. I have a Waverunner so I obviously can't use a raised rope.


What are some kneeboarding trick I could learn?

Carley E asked:

I started kneeboarding a few summers ago. I can get a good bit of air and almost clear the wake. I can do a 360 on the water and ride backwards. What are some more advanced trick i could learn?

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